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Aug 01 2019
12:00 AM
India, Haryana
₹ 200.00 onwards

The Super Challenger Trophy

Introducing the Super Challenger Trophy!! Complete 6 challenges of any one category and earn this super cool Super Challenger Trophy. The first batch of eligible athletes will get trophies this month! Announcing the names shortly.

Win all 3 and proudly display them in your living room or on your office desk! 

There are still 6 months left in the year!

Dr. Cycle 2019 Challenge: August Calendar

We are back – and with a full challenge calendar for August! 

Check out the new free goodies here!

The Dr. Cycle 2019 Challenge is an online series of monthly events where you will be challenged to ride your cycle consistently and ride it farther. You can keep challenging yourself to more and better by being a part of this online event. 
Since its an online event, you can participate from anywhere in India, or the World! Just have Strava handy!

In this journey of constant self-improvement, Dr. Cycle brings to you a number of cycling challenges every month.

Here are the challenges on offer for this period:

1. Dr. Cycle Century Challenge: Challenge yourself to ride 100km in a day. 
A true test of endurance and planning. On the challenge date, your Strava(or other GPS App) should show a 100km distance. 
Challenge date: Choose your date! Share your Strava ride link post the ride on mail with us. 

2. ADD ON: Dr. Cycle Climbs Challenge:  The true test of a cyclist! Go and climb that hill! 
How much elevation gain can you do in 30 days. Been riding only flat roads? Challenge yourself with inclines and become a fitter, stronger and faster cyclist. We will consider elevation gain done by you as per your Strava(or other GPS app) for the challenge period. 

Add Climbs Challenge for just Rs. 200 and get a Climbs medal. You can add on the Climbs challenge to your Century or to the Step Up Challenge. 

Can you climb as much as the Everest in 30 days! We have smaller challenges too :-)

Dr. Cycle(being founded by Cyclists themselves) is the first such platform that has included climbs in online challenge events. Challenge duration: 1st to 31st August

Pls note that this challenge does not offer any free goodies. Only Medal and e-certificate will be given.

3. StepUp August Challenge: The best way to keep fit. 
Challenge yourself to a long term goal. Ride the entire month and become a better cyclist! Challenge duration: 1st to 31st August. 

Can anything be better than this! 

There's something here to suit every level of ability, whether you’re a new recruit to the pedalling world or already have thousands of kilometres in those legs. 

1. Dr. Cycle is the first destination that recognises the importance of elevation gains while cycling through its Dr. Cycle Climbs Challenge. 
2. Book any challenge(Century, Climbs, StepUp) from the same registration window.
3. Auto Upload of data from Strava - No need to manually upload data anymore(However, if you are on other fitness apps like endomondo etc, you can still upload manually). 
4. Welcoming our running colleagues. This month, running kms will also be included in total achievement(For ex, you could do 180 km of cycling and 20 km of running to achieve the 200 km challenge - or any such combination).  
5. Better goodies!: Check out the new collection of goodies here!
6. Digital-Certificate. 
Pls share full address with PIN code while filling up the form. Else Medals/Goodies may not get delivered. 

What do you get when you sign up? 
Along with the motivation to ride through the month, participants get the following when they register for the event:
1. As soon as you register, you get a free product to make your cycling more enjoyable! Choose your favorite free gift from the available bottles, lubes, puncture kits, nutrition products, mobile phone covers, Mugs and more! The product will be delivered at your doorstep. You can see the range of products here.  
2. Once you have completed your target distance at the end of the challenge duration, you become a proud owner of an awesome Challenge Finisher Medal to brag on your achievement!

To sign-up for the challenge all you need to do is to register here and start clocking the kilometres. 

Nuts and bolts of Dr.Cycle 2019 Challenge:

Sign up:
- Register yourself for the Challenge on
- Choose your category for the month. You can choose any one of Climbs/Century/StepUp or all three as well.
- Pay the Challenge Registration fee and receive the coupon to redeem your free gift(for tickets that include a free product). 1 coupon code will be sent per challenge. If you book 3 challenges, you get 3 codes. You will receive your coupon within 3 days of registering for the event. Pls note that Climbs challenge does not entitle you for a coupon code. 
- Do add your PINCODE while entering your address details.
If you are facing difficulty in making payment for the event, pls reach out to us at

Pedal/Run hard & Clock kms:
- Join the Dr. Cycle 2019 Challenge Strava Club to track progress of your mates. 
- Share and track your km here. If you are on Strava, just validate your account with us and your data will be picked up automatically. You can keep checking your monthly progress on the same page as above. Details on how to validate Strava account will be shared before the event. 
- All kinds of rides are acceptable: On-Road/Off-Road/Zwift or any other trainer – as long as it can be recorded on Strava/other app. 
- Your aim is to finish the category in which you joined. If you have joined the 500km category, you need to finish 500km of cycling within the event deadline. 
- This month, even your running kms will be counted. You can mix running and cycling kms - or you could even complete the entire challenge with just running kms. Many cyclists also do running to utilise muscle groups that dont get consumed during cycling. By adding running to the event, we are ensuring that this effort is not left unused. 

Win big:
- At month end, upon completion of the challenge receive CHALLENGE FINISHER MEDAL. Show it off! The medal will be delivered at your doorstep by Dr. Cycle(pls share full address with PIN code while registering).

Share along:
Don't forget to share your rides, pictures and riding stories on Instagram along with #AmpUpYourRide and #DrCycle

So what are you waiting for? Join the Dr.Cycle 2019 Challenge to start this rewarding ride.
This is a monthly event. After completing your April Challenge, do join in the next month's Challenge as well!

Join every month, win every month, and become a healthier you!!
For any details, reach out to us on 

Event T&C:
1.    This is an online event. 
2.    Participant needs to pay for the logistics charges only for delivery of the product. The product price will not be charged. Coupons for the free gift will be shared with the participant within 3 days of event registration.
3.    Participant needs to visit the relevant page on Dr. Cycle and choose any one product from the options. Count of product that can be taken as free is limited to ONE. 
4.   Coupons will come with a fixed validity and cannot be used beyond that validity date.
5.    The coupon cannot be used with any other offers on the site.
6.    The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash/miles or for any other item.
7.    The coupon is applicable only on select products as notified by Dr. Cycle to the participants. It will not be applicable on other products on the site.
8.    The products may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of Dr. Cycle.
9.    In the event of a product going out of stock after the customer has placed an order, Dr. Cycle will allow placing the order for a different product from the list post cancellation of the first order. 
10.    Coupon will not be re-activated in case customer cancels the order.
11.    Items bought under this program will not be refunded and cannot be exchanged once desptached.
12.    Rides not recorded on Strava/other app will not be considered.
13.    In case a participant is not able to finish his/her challenge, he/she will not be eligible for the Medal.
14.    Mid month change to the challenge category will not be allowed.
15.    Pls read the Organizer Disclaimer carefully. Dr. Cycle or its representatives are not responsible whatsoever for any damage to body or equipment to any participant or any other person as a result of participating in this event. 
16.    Always ride with a helmet and other protective gear. 
17.    Dr. Cycle is a marketplace where multiple sellers promote their products. Product quality and its performance is the responsibility of the concerned seller/brand.