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Nov 23 2018
09:00 AM
Dholavira Tourism Resort
Dholavira, Gujarat
₹ 2500.00 onwards

For more details about this event, contact Chiro Mitra @ 9810341661.

Welcome to Dholavira Internationl Duathlon and Marathon Powered by Garmin

Unleashing for the very first time A Duathlon and A Marathon and other distances to be attempted on a Full Moon night in the pristine White Sand Deserts of Rann of Kutch at Dholavira.

With this event we are trying to promote this remote Island otherwise difficult to access and hence the treasures of excavated civilization remains a dream for many……

Come join us for this one and spend some quality time with History and the era gone by. It’s sheer goose bump moment when you get to artefacts, vessels and a whole civilization excavated which were being used by human habitants 4500 years back.

Dholavira is also the larger of the two most remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization or Harappan culture, dating back to 4500 years ago.

Dholavira, an Ancient quaint city frozen in time with its immense archaeological interest. It is located on the Khadir Bet island in the Great Rann of Kutch. It is also the most accessible of the major Harappan sites. Older than the Egyptian Pyramids, Dholavira displays remnants of a highly sophisticated urbane culture and archaeology, inhabited as early as 2650 BCE by a tribe way ahead of its time.

Be prepared to embrace an event of a lifetime in Rann of Kutch, one of the most isolated deserts in the world, sought after for its scenic white-carpet landscape.

if you are Lucky you may just get to see the unexplained dancing-lights phenomenon called Chir Batti that shows up on a clear night quite randomly.

It’s time to spend 2 days with history whilst doing what you love the most …Running and Cycling.

A package is being offered to our participants which includes stay ( 2 Nights), all meals, sightseeing around including the Famous Sunset, Fossil park, The Migratory Flamingo flocks from Siberia and the coveted Guided tour of Excavated Harappan Civilization and the Museum with artefacts excavated.

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The Event will start late afternoon with cycling segment on good asphalted roads, brilliantly lit naturally on a full moon night with zero traffic sans pollution.

The run will start post dinner and will on the White sands.

We encourage you and you are welcome to bring in your Friends/Family or a companion .....

It’s going to a be an experience of a lifetime ......

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Full Ironman(180 Kms Cycle + 42 Kms Run)

Half Ironman(90 Kms Cycle + 21 Kms Run)

Olympic Distance(45 Kms Cycle + 10 Kms Run)

Full Marathon(42 Kms Run)

Half Marathon(21 km Run)

10 Kms (Only Run)

180 Kms (Only Cycle)

90 Kms (Only Cycle)