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Why Insurance?

You know accidents can happen to the best of riders. That’s why you never ride without a helmet.

Then why venture out on the road without a cycle-insurance?

Dr Cycle’s Insure-Your-Ride provides comprehensive coverage for your bike (new or old), for those super cool and super expensive accessories and most importantly covers you.

  • 1. Bike details
  • 2. Personal Details
  • 3. Policy Summary


What do we cover?

Dr.Cycle brings you a comprehensive insurance solution with Insure-Your-Ride:
  • Insure your New or Old cycle

    Against theft

    Against accidental damage

  • Insure the Rider

    Riding accident related hospitalization

    Or death

  • Insure the Accessories

    Against accidental damage

  • 15 day money back

    T&C apply

  • Know More

How it works?

  • 1. For new bikes (if invoice date is for today), an insurance policy note will be sent to you by our insurance partner, Digit, directly.

  • 2. For existing bikes (if invoice date is earlier than today), you will get an sms with a link from our insurance partner, Digit.

    You will be required to take a few pictures of your bike through this link and the policy will be issued by Digit within 48 working hours.

  • If for any reason Digit is not able to cover your bike, your premium will be refunded within 7 working days.