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Change the way you do business. Dr.Cycle is here to aid & enhance your business using digital tools and intelligence and ensuring that you get more and more customers.

We keep it simple, you do what you do best – i.e. providing quality service to bikes; and leave the rest to us.

We bring the cycle to your doorstep and our only expectation is that you will do the best job on it. As much as we love cycles we love happy customers too!

Our platform is easy to use and simple to understand. Dr. Cycle is not your competition; rather it is here to aid and enhance your business. You love cycles and so do we.

Dr.Cycle will do customer acquisition, marketing & communication as well as logistics. So enhance your geographical reach with Dr. Cycle!

Why partner with Dr. Cycle:

  • Enhancing Reach

Dr.Cycle will get you customers which otherwise you might be missing due to distance from your store. Since we take care of moving the cycle between the customer’s home and your store, neither the customer, nor the Service Partner needs to worry about the distance between them. As a result, your serviceable reach gets multiplied – which results in more business!

  • Off peak days

We understand that weekdays are slow. Customers are not free to bring their cycles in; but the fixed costs still need to be paid. With Dr. Cycle, you can get higher business on weekdays too – resulting in higher ROI for your business!

  • Marketing , customer retention & engagement

We at Dr.Cycle are digitally oriented and cycle’cally obsessed – that’s one lethal combination! We will ensure that our service partners are getting the online marketing benefits. We will be using complex marketing tools across digital platforms to ensure that we reach to the targeted customers. The acquired customers will be reminded through emails & sms about their upcoming service – resulting in repeat business from the same set of users!

  • Reduce your administrative work

We will take care of bills for services rendered through Dr.Cycle. You will have complete insights on your data through a dedicated login which can be seen only by you. All possible data you would like to know is just a simple click away.

Come join the party. Let’s do what we both do best for the love of cycles! See you at the Dr.Cycle platform.

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