Advertising policy

The following advertising guidelines shall be applicable for all advertisers on the website of Movetime Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter “Dr. Cycle”):

  1. Terms and conditions applicable to advertisements upon the website can be amended by Dr. Cycle at any time without notice to any current advertisers.

  2. Dr. Cycle may utilise the user’s registration information to deliver contextual advertisements to them.

  3. All advertisements placed on the website will have to comply with the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other policies of Dr. Cycle (as amended from time to time).

  4. Placement of an advertisement on the website shall be at the discretion of Dr. Cycle. Dr. Cycle shall determine the size, placement, and positioning of the advertisements on the website.

  5. Dr. Cycle cannot control how people interact with/react to advertisements, and are not responsible for click fraud or other improper actions that affect the cost of running advertisements.

  6. Advertisers can cancel their order/availment of services at any time, but it may take up to 24 (twenty four) hours before the advertisement stops running. The Advertisers are responsible for paying for those advertisements. All payments once made shall not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.

  7. The Advertisers shall be solely responsible for the advertisements placed by them on the website. Dr. Cycle does not endorse, approve or recommend any advertisements placed on the website. Further, the Advertisers indemnify Dr. Cycle in this regard.

  8. Dr. Cycle may use advertisements and related content and information for marketing or promotional purposes. The advertisers shall have no objection in this regard.

  9. The Advertisers will not issue any press release or make public statements about their relationship with Dr. Cycle or the website without prior written permission.

  10. Dr. Cycle may reject or remove any advertisement for any or no reason, without any advance notice.