Can I place an order over a phone?

No. Orders can only be placed online at www.drcycle.in

Which are the cities you currently serve?

Currently we are operational in Gurgaon. We shall be expanding to other cities very soon. You can follow us on facebook.com/DrCycleIndia to get latest updates on our launches.

Will you be responsible for the quality of the Service?

Dr Cycle only acts as a platform that connects service partners and buyers. We won’t be accountable for the quality of the service provided by the Service Partner. However, it has been our endeavor to partner with only the best Service Providers in your city. Like Dr. Cycle, these Service partners also try their level best to give high quality service to their users.

In case you have any feedback, please write in through the contact us page and we’ll take it up with the Service Partner in question. Don't forget to tell us the order number and Service Partner Name & location. We will be more than happy to answer the concern post taking up with the Service Provider.

How do I contact Dr Cycle customer care?

You can always reach us through contact us option on our website, or write to us at support@drcycle.in.

I am a Service Provider, how do I tie-up with Dr Cycle

You can write to us at support@drcycle.in with the details of your dealership and contact person's name, mobile and email-id. Our sales team will get in touch with you post reviewing the same.

What are your working hours?

We will be happy to service you starting 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Pick up slots:

  • Slot 1 -- 9:00 AM to 11 AM (Same day delivery possible)

  • Slot 2 -- 11:01 AM to 2:00 PM (Same day delivery possible with a convenience fee)

  • Slot 3 -- 2:01 to 5 PM (Same day delivery not possible)

  • Slot 4 -- 5:01 to 8 PM (Same day delivery not possible)

Do you charge for the pick and drop service?

NO. We do not charge the customer for the pick & drop service. The cycle service will be a paid service shown in your cart at the time of placing the request. Any extra expenses over and above the general paid service such as spares / accessories will be checked with you by the service partner and post your confirmation will form part at the checkout stage.

How much time do you take to deliver the cycle back?

The cycles collected in slot 1 will be delivered the same day by 9:00 PM at night.

The cycles collected in slot 2 will be delivered the next day by Noon. In case you want the cycle to be delivered same day a small convenience fee of Rs 150 per cycle will be charged over and above the entire bill.

The cycles collected in slot 3 & Slot 4 will be delivered next day by 9:00 PM

Can I place a service request in advance?

YES! You can place your service request in advance. Pls. follow instructions on website to see Service Partner availability on your requested day. All advance requests cannot exceed 7 days.

How can I add special instructions to my Service Request?

Once you have chosen the Service Partner you wish your cycle to go, add items to your cart and proceed. On next page/screen you can enter special instructions to your order, based on your preferences. However we are unable to guarantee these requests to be fulfilled as it solely depends on the stock availability at the service partner. We will keep you updated on this request through a call or SMS.

Why do you have a convenience fee?

We charge a small convenience fee in some situations such as early delivery etc.

How can I track my order?

We will also keep you posted through SMS with pick up and drop details. You can also log in to the website and check the current status of your cycle.

My Cycle Pick up or delivery back is delayed?

If you have received an SMS with the contact details of our Delivery Van Executive you can call him/her and ask him/her about the location and status. If you are not satisfied, pls. write to us on support@drcycle.in.

I want to change my delivery address/mobile number

No change is allowed due to security reasons.

What is Dr Cycle’s cancellation policy?

We do allow canceling an order one hour before the confirmed pick up time. It is not possible for us to cancel an order once the cycle is collected from customer.

I did not receive the accessories I ordered and paid for?

If certain items are missing from your order, please check if the item has been billed or not. In case you are charged Please email us at support@drcycle.in with your order id and other details.

Do I need to register for placing a Service Request?

Yes, but our registration process is just a one-step process. This is required so that we can keep you posted on the progress of your order until it gets completed.

I am unable to login to my account

Try the 'Forgot password' option. If you are still facing trouble logging in then write to us at support@drcycle.in with your registered email.

I want to unsubscribe from promotional emails and SMS

Please write us at support@drcycle.in and mention the mobile number you want to unsubscribe. For email unsubscription, click on the unsubscribe link given on the bottom of the email.

Unable to use my coupon

Please check the Terms & Conditions of the coupon and everything seems fine and if you are unable to use coupon mail us at support@drcycle.in from your registered email id.

Where can I check if I have any coupon, on the website?


If you have any active coupon available for you, you should be able to see that under offers section in our account we will come up with this feature on our website soon.

Are your Service Prices the same as those at the Service Partner outlets?

We encourage our Service Partners to always use the same pricing as they do for their in-house walikn customers. If you have any questions about pricing, please report back to us at support@drcycle.in from your registered email id.


What are the payment options available for me?

We accept payments through Credit cards, Debit cards and popular wallets.

My payment has been debited multiple times

Please email us at support@drcycle.in with your Mobile number, email id and Order ID (if you have one), we will solve your query.


How safe is my cycle during transport

Don’t worry! The Dr Cycle transport vehicle is custom built for cycle transport. Our drivers are well trained to handle cycles and the cycles are kept under a locked system during transport. The transport vehicle also comes with an inbuilt GPS system and is tracked by Dr. Cycle officials at all times.


I need to send my cycle back as the service hasn’t been done as per my satisfaction.

Pls go to the website and follow the regular process for booking a service appointment. On the package selection page, select “re-send cycle” option.

I want to change the delivery schedule of my cycle after service

Pls write in to support@drcycle.in atleast 3 hrs before your scheduled delivery time and we will try to accommodate a different time for you. However, at times, the delivery vehicle would have already left for your home. In that case, you can instruct the logistics person on call to change the delivery time.

I have not heard from the service centre since my cycle reached there.

In most cases, the service centre does not have to call up the customer. Only in cases where special fitments are needed is a call required.

I don’t agree to the bill amount raised by the service partner

We encourage our service partners and customers to agree and arrive at pricing of individual components. In case of a dispute, we encourage that the customer speak to the service provider and share his/her concern and reach a conclusion.

Do I pay any advance to the logistics person

No. Dr Cycle charges for services only AFTER the order has been completed. The payment has to be done online through the link that will be shared with you by Dr Cycle. Customers do not have to make any offline payments.

How do I make bookings for 2 or more cycles at one time.

You can choose the number of cycles to be serviced at the time of booking the service.