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Bells & Mirrors

The sound of a bicycle bell is shrill and definitely irksome. But it is much-needed as this very piercing sound cuts through the cacophony of metropolitan life announcing a biker’s arrival. Before climbing onto a new bicycle, adding a bell to it is an indispensable safety measure every rider should follow. You might complain that bells on bicycles are for children and that they are lame and makes your bike look ‘uncool’. However, adding a bell goes a long way to keep you and the others around you safe and unharmed. In some states around the world, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a bell. On busy and crowded lanes, where chances of accidents and crashes are high, the ding of a little bell does a better job of warning the other cyclists, motorists or pedestrians than a vocal caution. A strong bell can even alert a car driver amidst all the hustle on the road. Even while traversing mountain tracks, you can signal slower riders about your arrival. To pass through all blind spots on the road safely, a bicycle bell can truly be a saviour. By informing of your arrival in advance, ringing the cycle bell can save you from all the confrontations with fellow commuters that might eventually turn into ugly quarrels. If cyclists were to shout at each other on roads, it would create confusion and chaos, potentially elevating the chances of accidents. So, whether you buy other bicycle accessories such as baskets, fenders, locks, etc. for convenience or choose to do otherwise, investing in a cycle bell is, undoubtedly, of paramount importance. Dr. Cycle, an online cycle store, has a wide range of good quality bells at very affordable prices offered by CATEYE and other top brands for the road bicycles, the mountain cycles, the hybrid bicycles as well as the commuter bikes. Browse through all the varieties and choose as per your convenience to gear yourself up for a safer ride.