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This is the Wail Blue Orp. 


This is the Wail Blue Orp. This color was designed to be a natural foil to the Red lovers and remind you of beautiful blue sky and or a giant blue whale.

You can see we were sort of clever with the name here. This is a great Orp on black, white, silver and complement to gold or yellow/ orange bikes.

It’s perfect to complete that Superman or USA (Chile too!) colorway or match a blue or blue accented bike. Orp is a combination dual tone, high decibel bike horn and front beacon light all in a super small, USB rechargeable, weather resistant package.

It’s designed to make you more visible by making you more hearable.

Each Orp comes complete with the Orp Power Kit (a micro USB/USB cable) and Orp’s Handle Bar Girth Enhancement Device (rubber shim) for thinner handle bars.

And remember, every Orp is REMORP READY!