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From being a child’s plaything to a grownup’s passion, bicycles have us hooked to them for life. Losing this prized possession that shapes your dreams can make all your plans go for a toss. So, before all hell breaks loose, secure your bicycle and your dreams with a lock. With its assortment of bicycle locks, your bicycle will be safe especially when you’re not around. If a flexible, twisted steel wire with a tough vinyl cover suits your taste, the K-Traz C6 with its four-digit combination system is meant for you. The list, however, does not stop here. The Abus Coilable Booster with a second lock for securing compartments will ensure the safe-keep of your accessories and belongings too. The Abus Coil Cable Racer with outstanding flexibility at minimal weight as well as the sturdy, high-quality coil cable with two reversible keys from Abus RBKF Bike Lock, will ensure that nobody steals your ride. The K-Traz C6 Code is a coiled cable lock that a security coded closure. There is high protection against robbery in a moderate risk area with an adjustable code locking system. Still a fan of the traditional chain locks for their flexibility in securing tricky shaped objects? The Abus Combochain Lock with soft fabric and self-locking mechanism will live up to its guard. The Fuji Retractable Locks can be a real kryptonite for the pinchers. Dr. Cycle comes with the most competitive price list that offers you amazingly affordable rates for everything that you need to secure your bicycle. The icing on the cake is the option of shopping and saving with Dr. Cycle cycling miles coupled with the 90 days return and exchange policy. So, keep your insecurities at bay and secure your bicycle at this online cycle store.