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Out of all the sophisticated cycling gears and accessories that you can pride on, obsessing over a good bicycle pump may seem completely inessential. However, this bicycle pump, which is solely designed for inflating bicycle tyres, can save your day. Imagine puncturing your bicycle tyre in the middle of the long-awaited weekend mountain climb. Bicycle pumps kept for self-maintenance of your bicycle will prove to be your saviour then. Want an at home pumping tool? The floor pump will be an ideal choice for you. Be it the Zefal Profile Nax Fp60 Psi-Bar or the Ravx Blow X Power Pump, you need to have the best in class. If you are looking for a long rubber hose to easily reach the Presta and Schrader valves, then the ergonomically designed durable and lightweight Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HPG Silver Pump for you. Its aluminium barrel, shaft and T- handle are exquisitely crafted for comfort. For innovation in the floor pumping design with an integrated system design to seat tubeless tires, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Pump is a good fit. It’s accurate and custom digital gauge is an absolute delight. For those driven by wanderlust, mini bicycle pumps are a brilliant choice. A pocket-sized bicycle pump reaching up to 7 bar/100psi, the Zefal Air Profile Micro Blue is very effective. For the high volume urban and mountain tyres, Spin Doctor Rescue HV Mini bicycle pump is the cure. Ravx Supa XG Mini Pump to the Zefal Air Profile Silver, Dr Cycle has it all. Bicycle maintenance will not be expensive if you decide to get a reasonably priced bicycle pump from Dr. Cycle. Apart from the shop and save with Dr. Cycle cycling miles, there are 90 days return or exchange policy as well. All you need to do is commit to maintaining your bicycle and we take care of the rest.