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Slowing down your pace and halting are just as essential as moving ahead while you are onboard a bicycle. A brake is a system built for the purpose of slowing or stopping your cycle. In certain special purpose bikes like BMX bicycles, brakes aren’t that essential. But when it comes to urban roads, riding without a good breaking system would only put the rider at risk. Each bicycle has two brakes: one for the front bicycle wheel, the other for the rear. A conventional way to arrest the speed is to apply both brakes together. In case of emergency stops when maximum deceleration is required, the front brake should be applied. For more general purpose stopping, the rear brake should be used. It is crucial that as a biker, you master the use of both the brakes; otherwise, you might find yourself in the middle of the classic ‘over the bar’ crash. The fundamental parts of a bicycle brake include: • Lever • Brake shoes • Brake pads • Cable • Brakes The lever lets the rider to control the brakes remotely and the cables transfer the energy applied by the rider to the brake calliper. The pad facilitates friction with the wheel rim or disk which serves as the friction surface. Depending on the type of braking system, you can opt for disc brakes, coaster brakes, drum brakes, rim brakes or hydraulic brakes from Dr. Cycle’s collection. Browse through a variety of levers such as flat bar lever, BMX lever, dual lever, etc. and grab one. At INR 1000, they are indeed a catch you wouldn’t want to let go of. Avail all the other components too at affordable prices from Dr. Cycle, a leading online cycle store. Buy from top brands like Alligator, AVID, Raleigh, and Generic, to name a few and be assured about the product quality and performance.