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A bicycle chain is a roller chain that propels the drive wheel by transmitting power from the bicycle pedals. It’s a compilation of hundreds of plates, pins, rollers, and links; therefore, it has more mobile parts than the rest of the bicycle combined. Let’s understand what chain wear is and when your cycle needs a chain replacement. As the chain in your bike goes through its rounding motion over miles of riding, the insides of the link rollers start to wear down. It effectively expands the pitch of the chain, a phenomenon known as ‘chain stretch’ or chain wear. It is advised to get your chains replaced for every 2000 to 3000 miles you ride. If properly maintained, it can go up to 8000 miles. A regularly replaced chain helps to prolong the life of the cycle’s drive train. Otherwise, the stretching chain will roll further onto the tooth and initiate cog wear. To estimate the chain wear, use a chain checker and based on the results, you can judge whether you need a chain replacement or not. At Dr. Cycle, we have all your bicycle parts requirements sorted. Whether you just want a new chain or an entire chain set including chain-ring and cassette, grab your best deal at affordable prices. Often we overlook the importance of bicycle chain and take a note of it only when it isn’t functioning properly. But this shouldn’t be done as it simply causes financial wastage and may deteriorate bike performance in the long run. A very oft-quoted sentence in all bicycle maintenance manuals is ‘Clean and Lubricate your Chain’. It is as easy as just grabbing a piece of cloth and some degreasing solvent. Most of the accumulated grease, dirt and gunk can be tackled using this method. For a more thorough cleaning, go for some chain cleaning device. You needn’t worry about running to the market as you can easily avail a variety of lubes and cleaners from Dr. Cycle. Browse through our collection and give your bike the care it needs.