Time ATAC DH4 Pedals 15/16



Earn 219 Cycling Miles

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For serious gravity aficionados only.

The ATAC DH 4 is built like a tank for big drops, big rocks – the most extreme downhill trail conditions.

The ATAC DH 4 is a downhiller's dream featuring an aluminum body and oversized hollow steel axle.

The ATAC system allows you to ‘put a foot down' and clip it back in when needed.

The open, self-cleaning design keeps the trail off the pedal, clearing debris and mud every time you clip in.

Axle component: Oversized hollow steel axle

Bearings: Steel bearings

Cleats: ATAC cleats

Materials: Aluminium body

SKU: T2GV014 0000TU

Tension: no

Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch