Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals



Earn 383 Cycling Miles

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Brand : Time

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Hollow steel axle and carbon body with flexible carbon blade.

This brand new pedal has an even faster, more intuitive engagement without any rubbing, which is thanks to the Iclic concept of a pre-open clipless system (TIME patent).

The use of a carbon flexion blade instead of the traditional metal spring allows for these new pedals to be extremely light.

The oversized platform of 700mm2 gives the pedals a record surface area/weight factor.


Automatic pre-opening of engagement mechanism

Oversized pedal platform 700mm2 with interchangeable stainless steel plate

SENSOR Adjustment of angular sensations, or “feel”

Q-Factor adjustment — setting of lateral foot position

BIOPOSITION Concept — minimal distance sole to pedal axle (14.4mm)

Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (2.5mm)

Supplied as a pair

Includes cleats

Release angle: 15°

Weight: 195g per pair