Time Xpresso 6 White Pedals



Earn 264 Cycling Miles

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The Time XPRESSO 6 is perfect for training and racing.

Built for everyday use, the XPRESSO 6 features a stainless steel top plate and a hollow steel axle.

Made in France.

The Iclic system with it's pre-opened engagement system, makes it super easy to clip in.

The XPRESSO 6 features a carbon blade tension adjustment, a low stack height and an big 700 mm2 pedal platform make pedaling more efficient and comfortable.

Material: body: glass-filled axle: steel blade: carbon

Weight: approx. 108 gram (per pedal, manufacturer information)

Angular float: 5+/-5°, lateral 2.5 mm

Proper shoes: Look/ SPD-SL solenorm