Catlike Chupito Road Helmet



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If ever you needed purr-suasion to take to the road, then the Catlike Chupito Helmet is likely to provide it. Extremely breathable and ready to have a positive impact on protection levels, this lid is perfect for entry-level cyclists looking to take their performance to the next level.

Unrivalled Protection
Dig your claws in and dominate the road with the Chupito Helmet. Designed to offer the ultimate in high-end protection, this stylish helmet is crafted with Catlike’s Low Nape Protection to improve safety levels revolving around the occipital area. Working hand-in-hand with the Crash Energy Splitter air intake is strategically positioned to generate energy to increase the shield around your head.

Smooth Cycling
To keep focus up, the Chupito boasts a shock absorption system and the superb breathability of this helmet maximises airflow and keeps your head cool no matter how intense your cadence is.

High-quality performance
24 air-intake holes
Well ventilated
Shock Absorption System
Low Nape Protection
Crash Energy Splitter
Excellent breathability