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When your kid is ready to ride their first bicycle, you want to make sure it’s the best one. However, not only do you have to pick a great bicycle, you have to get training wheels and helmet and a ton of other bicycle accessories. But how do you decide what to get? When considering your accessories, you want to look for items that are practical, promote safety, and are fun! There are a lot of bicycle accessories that are essential for kids and keep adding on as your kid grows older. If the kid is just starting out then training wheels are a must. When you take the first training wheel off you will have to consider knee/elbow pads and especially a bicycle helmet. When they start taking it out on their own, a bicycle bell and a bicycle mirror might be worth considering especially if you live in a city, in which case a pollution mask wouldn’t be a bad idea. These accessories offer a degree of protection and are a must to make sure your kid is safe on the road. Kids love being the centre of attention. So if you see an accessory that you don’t see any practical value in, chances are your kid is going to love showing it off to their friends. Things like bicycle spoke beads that glow in the dark may not mean much to you, but they are sure to bring a smile on your kid’s face. Your kids can carry the water bottle by themselves, but they would just love to have a bottle holder as an excuse to have an edge over the other kids. Kids bicycle accessories are not only an essential part of their cycling experience but also one of their first style statements. Whether it’s a to helmet ensure your kid’s safety or a fancy bottle holder, Dr.Cycle has a vast of high-quality bicycle accessories that will make sure your kids ride the coolest bicycles on the block with expertise safety backing them up.