Minoura Multi Function Tool



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Product Code : (HPS-9 “GET’A”)

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Brand : Minoura

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A completely new idea that incorporates a bike stand (attached to your pedal) and a foldable NINE FUNCTION tool set all in a compact design.

Put it in your seat bag or jersey pocket!

Features Remove both tire levers then insert to into the holder.

Open and hook to the pedal shaft then mount bike pedal to the upside of the HPS-9.

Get’A is a very convenient device for taking photos, stopping for a break, or anytime.

Get’A's tools are designed for emergency repairs, not full time shop or home use. 

Available Tools Pedal Stand 2mm hex wrench 3mm hex wrench 4mm hex wrench 5mm hex wrench 6mm hex wrench Screw driver ⊕ Tire Lever Cellular phone stand for photography