Gloves & Accessories

While some may perceive cycling gloves as a fashion accessory, they offer much more than looks. Even for the casual cyclist, the right gloves can elevate their rides to an extent that they would not want to ride without them. If you go on long rides on your bicycle, cycling gloves can prove to be a handy accessory that offer great comfort as well as protection. If you cycle long enough, your palms can get sweaty and your grip can loosen. With fatigue added to the equation, the chances of you falling off your wheels goes up. Cycling gloves are made from materials that aid in gripping the handlebars and some are even crafted from material that wicks sweat. With the right gloves, you can counter fatigue and sweat for much longer than without them to make your rides more comfortable. Any enthusiastic cyclist knows that frequent cycling can be tough on hands. The friction against handlebars, fingers constantly gripping the brakes, and vibrations from a rough road can take a toll on your hands and wrists. Blisters, callouses and aches can spoil your cycling experience. Gloves come with padding and protection that reduce the possibility of irritation. Some gloves are shock absorbent to smoothen your riding experience. Furthermore, in the unfortunate case that you fall from your cycle, gloves will prevent your hands getting scraped against the gravel. You can even buy seasonal gloves. Summer gloves will be thin and allow your skin to breathe, whereas winter gloves come with insulating material that keeps your hands warm. Dr. Cycle has a wide range of gloves suited for your need. Whether you need gloves for the winter, the summer or for lengthy rides where good grip is a priority, there is something for everyone to choose from.