Fast&Up Prototal - High Protein Supplements for High Performance (Citrus Passion)



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Fast&Up Prototal is a monthly pack consisting of 3 tubes, each with 10 effervescent tablets which helps prevent muscle loss and maintain muscle mass which helps provide reliable muscle support. 

The maintenance of healthy muscles is crucial to help prevent metabolic disorders, maintain healthy aging and to provide energy to vital organs. Loss of muscle equates to a general loss of physical energy, enhanced vulnerability to disease, and even accelerated aging.

Fast&Up Prototal extracted from a fresh Norwegian Salmon consists of a superior spectrum of patented amino acid complex, including 25 free form amino acids, low molecular weight bioactive peptides and essential micronutrients in the optimum balance with fastest absorption and highest bioavailability.

Fast&Up Prototal is unique in providing all the natural amino acids in readily usable form and in the right proportions for the human body without any GI discomfort. This coupled with effervescent nature of the formulation combines to make Fast&Up Prototal rapidly effective.

The all-natural, marine-derived ingredient is a daily dietary supplement targeted for muscle anabolism and can be consumed daily in the morning to stay muscle healthy.

Fast&Up Prototal is the World's First Effervescent Salmon Peptide Hydrolysate extracted from a fresh Norwegian Salmon which is considered as one of the best and richest sources of protein in the world.

Fast&Up Prototal supplies with low molecular weight biologically active peptides required to help prevent muscle loss and muscle strength from declining which helps maintain muscle health. Fast&Up Prototal compensates for the digestive limitations by providing all required amino acids in free and digested form which will be quickly absorbed with highest bioavailability and immediate action.

Amino acids that are more quickly digested and absorbed support muscle anabolism better. Fast&Up Prototal helps achieve superior nutrition goals far beyond any traditional dietary amino acid supplement and significantly contributes to managing a healthy active lifestyle with complete performance upgrade.

Fast&Up Prototal is a unique, natural and wholesome marine-derived daily dietary supplement with biologically active salmon peptides which Helps prevent Muscle Loss Helps maintain Muscle Mass Helps prevent Muscle Strength from declining Helps support body's Muscle Anabolism Helps stay Muscle Healthy