Fast&Up Recover Post Work Out Tablets - 10 Count (Raspberry)



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This is an effervescent tablet which has around 20 Amino Acids. This is an ideal post workout drink to have which provides you with an unique combination of Essential Amino Acids, L-Arginine and L-Glutamine along with BCAA's to repair your muscle tissues and help you prepare for the next workout! 

They promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown. It is used to build proteins in the body and balances biological molecules at a cellular level.

Are you someone who is relentlessly dedicated to your fitness? Whether you're an athlete, sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, the importance of physical recovery post training could not be stressed enough.

Recovery is vital for endurance athletes and for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Fast&Up Recover is your essential aid to muscle recovery after workout; it helps ensure that your body is well rested and charged to get back into the game the next day! After exercise, protein synthesis rebounds, but breakdown remains elevated, and net positive balance is achieved only if amino acid availability is increased.

They promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown. The body needs its dose of amino acids within 30-45 minutes of the workout and Recover with amino acids in its elemental form ensures immediate absorption and availability.

Recover contains BCAAs and 20 essential broken down amino acids. BCAAs aid in healing and repair of muscles post workout, and Essential Amino Acids (EAA) provide for building blocks of essential proteins.

Fast&Up Recover helps repair your muscles which have been stressed hence aiding physical recovery. Are you tired of conventional huge monotonous jars or shakers? Recovery now on-the-go like never before!

All you require is a bottle or a glass of 250 ml water! Just Drop, Dissolve and Drink. Simple as that! Made in India, and 100% vegetarian, Fast&Up Recover will ensure that you Recover to Repeat, and repeat to nail it! Train hard, Fuel Easy.