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Fast&Up Activate- Best Pre Workout Drink, Pre Workout Supplements in India. Activate is an intelligent choice as a pre-workout drink! Pre Workout Supplements/Effervescent Tablets For Running, Cycling, Marathons.

Have you ever felt that your body is capable of achieving much more during your workout? Fast&Up Activate is an ideal pre-workout nutrition for getting the best performance from your body, whether you're an athlete, sportsperson or an active fitness enthusiast.

An intelligent combination of L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Lycopene and essential active nutrients, Fast&Up Activate helps make sure your body is prepped at its optimum level to gain the maximum from your workout.

So how does it work? Activate helps enhance Nitric Oxide content in the body, which in turn helps you perform intense workouts with lesser exertion. It achieves this by increasing nitric oxide production in blood vessels and increasing their diameter, which then allows more blood, nutrients to circulate around the body.

It also helps enhance oxygen availability to muscle cells and prevent Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress (EXIOS) which in turn help you work out faster, better and stronger.

To sum it up, Fast&Up Activate helps to positively influence the performance. With a unique effervescent technology, Fast&Up Activate is convenient to carry & easy to drink.

All you have to do is Drop, Dissolve in 250mL water and Drink 30 minutes prior to your workout. Made in India, Activate is 100% vegetarian and ensures good health and a good workout.

Warm Up - Inside & Out!