Feedback Sports Tool Tray - Black



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The Tool Tray attaches quickly to any Feedback Sports repair stand, using a tool free, wedging sleeve to lock it in any position.

Deep and very durable, it not only holds tools but organizes them too.

Bottle/can holders are shaped to hold bottles upright, and a generous cup holder with handle cut out is also provided.

The large basin can be filled with a cleaning solution for washing parts - then the solution can be drained into a container by removing a drain plug.


Easily attaches to all feedback sports repair stands.

Attachment - Clip on sleeve - tray tightens sleeve onto stand

Allen Key slots - 6x sized - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm

Screwdriver/spanner slots - 7x 33mm x 8mm, 12mm dia

Misc slots - 13, 16, 2x 20mm

Can/bottle slots - 45, 58, 65, 71mm dia, anti-tip design

Cup/mug holder - 90mm dia, 25mm handle slot

Parts Basin - 2 Liter capacity with drain plug

Rag hook - On mounting sleeve

Size - 70 x 254 x 368mm

Weight - 900g