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The importance of a good tyre is pretty much self-explanatory. A good tyre ensures a comfortable and a safe ride. The rubber used in tyres must be of a premium quality to prevent deflation when driven on bumpy roads. There are a bunch of brands you can choose from — like Continental, Impac, Maxxis, Panaracer, and Vittoria. All are equally effective in their unique abilities as per your requirement. For example, the Continental is a top choice for urban bicycles as it can go super fast on road and can give great traction in grassy areas. Due to its diamond-coated central section, it is a pure cross tyre. On the other hand, Impac gives you some versatile tyres which give a great performance in terms of direction because of their lightweight and single-ply casing. You can also select your tyre based on their usage. There are variety of options like MTB, road, hybrid and training. You can also add several accessories based on your needs. The size of the tyre really affects its performance. So, we provide you with a wide range of sizesto utilise your bicycle to its fullest. We have tyre size starting from 700x18-23C increasing continuously and going up till 29x2.0-2.5. With great assortment of products, we also provide you with the best quality material so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride. And all of this comes at great prices. The prices range from Rs. 900 to Rs. 5000. So while looking for new bicycle tyres, you need to check out all the options carefully and consider the price range too. To make this task easier, Dr. Cycle gives you a fine list of the best quality tyres in the market at affordable rates.