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Earn 290 Cycling Miles

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This is VDO's true all-rounder which offers all cycling functions plus altitude measurements


Introducing the VDO M6 cycling computer.

This is VDO's true all-rounder which offers all cycling functions plus altitude measurements. If you find yourself getting into cycling and you want to start pushing your boundaries and always striving to improve then the M6 is the One for you.

The three data channel transmission between the computer and the sensors is completely wireless and uses automatic pairing. This allows for a fast and reliable data transmission, giving you precise and accurate measurements.

The M6's altitude readings use state of the art technology to provide an accurate and broad range of different types of readings; current and maximum altitude, current, maximum and average gradient uphill, altitude gain and loss, distance uphill and downhill, maximum and average gradient downhill, as well as annual altitude (total/gain/loss), annual distance (uphill/downhill) and maximum annual altitude for each of bike 1 and bike 2. This is almost too much data handle but can come in handy when training and pushing your limits.

The Altitude readings can be displayed in a graph format as well as figured format. To further the readings and collective data, use in conjunction with a cadence sensor and/or HRM (heart rate monitor). This gives more data that can be relevant in training and even longer sportive rides, helping you control how much effort you are applying to the ride.

The M6 is VDO's top model cycling computer and offers all the technical innovations incorporated into the M range.

The one function that stands out from the crowd is the integrated data memory for 10 trips. This allows you to compare the data and values from several riders and helps you draw conclusions on where you think you need to improve.

Overall this is a great computer which offers more functions than any other VDO M range computer and definitely stand out from the crowd.


Large Display,

D3 digital wireless transmission for speed,

heart rate,


automatic pairing,

automatic bike recognition,

full text display,

languages selectable, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL,

battery warning when low battery status for computer, speed-,

heart rate-, cadence sensor, temperature display,

display backlight,

data storage during battery replacement,

separate data memory for each wheel,

3 training zones selectable heart rate FIT/FAT/OWN,

4 heart rate intensity zones adjustable,

wheel sizes adjustable via wheel circumference or tire chart,

calibration altitude or air pressure above sea level,

automatic height correction during transport


Current speed,

ride time,

average speed,

current distance,

maximum speed,

part-time counter (manual stopwatch, counts only when driving),

part-time distance counter (counts distance in the part-time),

roadbook counter,

2nd trip counter,

forward-/backward counting,

adjustable clock (12/24 hour mode with am/pm display),

total ride time for bike 1,

total ride time for bike 2,

total distance,

total ride time bike 1,

total ride time bike 2,

total ride time,

permanent comparison between average and actual speed (indicator arrows)

Battery CR20450

Extra Features

VDO M6 computer (incl. battery), D3 speed sensor (incl. battery), handlebar bracket, spoke magnet, mounting equipment, quick-start instruction manual

Weight 30g