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The bike trainer of the 2017 Tour de France winner is getting even better!


 For 4 years Wahoo Fitness and Team Sky, with the four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, have had a successful partnership - and since 2016 Wahoo is the official supplier of bike trainers to the team. Froome and his teammates have been using the KICKR during the Tour de France 2017 to warm up before and cool down after the straining stages.

Features of the Wahoo Fitness KICKR ?

new: Improved compatibility: The KICKR is now fully compatible with 12x142 and 12x148 solid axles.

new: Compatible with powermeters by third-party manufacturers: Thanks to the standardized ANT+ FE-C wireless protocol, the KICKR now supports a wide variety of third-party powermeters.

The measurement accuracy has been improved to ± 2 %. Optimized performance algorithms allow for more responsiveness and a more realistic ride: In close cooperation with pro cyclists, Wahoo Fitness has been working with a lot of dedication to close the gap between simulated and real rides.

Optimized carrying handle: Compared to the predecessor, the handle is considerably more ergonomic and perfectly balanced to ease handling, transport and storage of the KICKR 2016 significantly.

Heavy flywheel: Whopping 5.7 kilograms ensure a maximum of cycling realism.

Quieter performance: The low noise level of only 61 dB makes the KICKR one of the quietest flywheel bike trainers on the market. That's not louder than a regular conversation at a distance of 1 meter.

LED lights indicate power and connectivity: The two signal lights provide information about whether the device is powered or not and show the status of the wireless connection.

Maximum incline of 20%: Thanks to improved settings it is now possible to simulate even the steepest inclines at an unprecedented level of realism.

Training with the Wahoo Fitness KICKR

The Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer allows a monitored home training using iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Mac or PC that makes great fun and, incidentally, also improves performance according to your training plan. Using the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, it receives the periphery device's signals for a controlled workout.

The new home trainer can be used with all standard mountainbikes and roadbikes with wheels of different sizes. Simply take the rear wheel off, attach your own bike to the KICKR and start rolling. The KICKR promises particularly accurate power measurements thanks to Wahoo Accu power as well as extremely quiet, almost noiseless training rides with the Wisper Tech technology. Feeling the road when cycling is very authentic - a real kick for everyone exercising at home. Even those who are traveling can train.

The trainer is fully foldable and therefore portable. With a respective power adapter, it is possible to run the KICKR from your car via the cigarette lighter, e.g. for cooling down in the evening after a straining stage.

Technical Features of the Wahoo Fitness KICKR

Compatible devices: iPhone 4S and newer, iPad (3rd gen) and newer, iPod Touch (5th gen) and newer with iOS 8 or newer, respectively Android phones with at least Android 4.3 and Bluetooth LE (= Bluetooth Smart = Bluetooth 4.0 and newer) Apple Macintosh with ANT+ USB Stick and/or Bluetooth LE enabled Windows PC with ANT+ USB Stick and/or Bluetooth LE enabled periphery devices can serve as reveiver or controller via the ANT+ FE-C protocol (Fitness Equipment Control) data transfer is possible in both directions:

KICKR -> receiver via ANT+ and Bluetooth LE and controller -> KICKR via ANT+ FE-C wireless transmission of performance and speed wireless firmware updates via the smartphone app free for software developments/Apps

Exchangeable 11-speed Shimano/SRAM cassette Campa Freehub optional (available separately)

RPM Cadence Sensor included standard power supply as well as 12 Volt mode via cigarette lighter, e.g. to warm up or cool down next to the car

Low-noise technology for quiet operation (61 dB)

Resistance up to 2,000 Watt

Simulated rides with a perceived incline of up to 20%

Heavy flywheel simulates an ultra-realistic road feel

Electronically controlled resistance for immediate switching between climb and descent

Adaptation of resistance every 0.25 seconds - in case the own performance fluctuates greatly easy installation with the included quick release compatible with almost any bike on the market

Optimized for Zwift, the social multiplayer cycling platform Strava compatible and easy to integrate into the Wahoo App for racing against each other

TrainerRoad compatible with watt control of the trainer for adapting to changing gradients

Kinomap compatible with single player and multiplayer mode

Dimensions and weights

3 feet adjustable stand base area

with legs open: 54 x 71 cm base area

folded: 22 x 50 cm

Total weight: 21.3 kg

Flywheel weight: 5.7 kg